Slacker reaches milestone

So, I’ve really been slacking a lot lately.  I mean A LOT!  A big part of it was because I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance life, work, softball (I joined the company softball team this season) and running; I was worried that I’d have to quite the team so that I could keep up on my training schedule.

Well, the other day I was thinking (I know, scary thought) and I came up with a way that I could change my training days to accommodate softball.  Historically, my running days were Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday with Saturday being my long run.  So, now I’ve changed my running schedule to Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday with Sunday being the long run.  I think this’ll work out well, but I sure will be busy.

So, what about that milestone?  Well, since August 2009, I’ve run 201.46 miles!  I’ve surpassed the 200 mile mark!  This is great news!  Now, my next goal is to get those miles racked up even more as I progress in my marathon training.

Don’t forget to check out my run tonight on RunKeeper:


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