Eating habits

So, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how they’ve adopted the idea of eating to fuel their body more than to actually enjoy what they’re eating. How does one do this? Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve lost a good chunk of weight in the last year and I’m ready to make a change like this.

How does a person change a habit they’ve known their whole life?

Leave a comment, I’m interested in seeing what you have to say.


2 responses to “Eating habits

  1. I think there are plenty of good foods out there to stay fueled. I think you really don’t have to sacrifice taste to keep your energy up. That being said, I don’t really have any advice on the subject, so I’m interested to hear what others will say.

  2. There are a ton of different theories out there, and ultimately you have to do what will work for you and seem like something you can do every day. I try to cook and eat all natural foods without added sugar or chemicals and have a general plan for the day. I find when I haven’t planned dinner, for example, is when that bag of chips will start to look pretty darn good in the late afternoon.
    I can’t cut out things entirely, but I try to substitute healthier options (ie: gelato instead of ice cream or ice cream without added chemicals and dyes). Being an athlete, I need carbs and fat and salt, which are things that some people will say to stay away from at all costs. I find that in making small changes and sticking to them, I have a much better success rate than when I completely switch gears. That being said, if you’re losing weight and are feeling good, you’re on the right track, which isn’t always the easiest or quickest.

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