Playing catch-up

Well, it’s been a while (yes, again) since I last wrote and other than the Baltimore 10-miler, I haven’t done any running… which is bad.

Here’s a quick recap on the Baltimore 10-miler.  It was hot and it was hilly and that’s all you need to know.  Honestly though, it was a pretty decent run and since I really like Baltimore, I enjoyed the scenery – especially all of the crack houses!  I’m slightly disappointed with my results, but having not run more than six miles in any training runs I guess I can’t be that upset.  My chip time was 1:55:40. Oh and I had bloody nipples thanks to the new shirt I bought a couple days before the race; it’s the only shirt I own that’s ever done that to me… ever!  I’m thinking that’s the one and only time I’ll be wearing that shirt.

Me after the race


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